Gone are the days of managing your contact list in a spreadsheet or isolated phone app.

The Contact Guru is a web based contact directory that helps you document and organize information for every contact you have. An extensive and flexible set of fields allows you to record everything you need to.

Unrestricted contact storage

Store All Your Contacts.

You are not restricted by the number of contacts you can store. Unlike other vendors who limit you to 25,000 contacts, The Contact Guru lets you organize as many contacts as you need to.


Save as Many Fields as You Want.

Each field can store as many items as you require. If you want to add 200 emails for a single contact, feel free to do so!

Use as many fields as you need
Independent and secure

Independent From Other Services.

All contact data saved with The Contact Guru is not shared with any third party. You are in charge of your data! We only store and organize it for you.


Import Contacts from Third Party Services.

You can import the data you have from Google Contacts and Twitter.

Use as many fields as you need
Use as many fields as you need

Constantly Adding New Features.

  • Collaborative contacts (premium feature)

  • Contact groups

  • User and field search

  • CardDAV support

If there is a special feature you would like, please contact me!